Good Things Come In Trees (and Threes) – Tops

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The Triplets will have tops from the same billet of cedar. They are nearly identical. (No two pieces of wood from a tree are identical; nearly is as close as you can get.) So I joined the three tops and … Continue reading

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Good Things Come in Threes – Necks

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I’m building three guitars. They are intended to be as similar as they can be… except for the top composition. The tops will cedar, cut from the same billet. The backs and sides will be East Indian Rosewood. The doubled … Continue reading

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Turn Around – Lefty to Righty

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Sometimes I get requests to build left-handed guitars.  Some players learn to play lefty.  It just seems ‘right’ to them.  Hey, Paul McCartney and Jimi Hendrix…  So anyway, there are left-handed guitars on the market to satisfy the relatively small … Continue reading

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