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Steve Ganz's Guitar Workshop

Birthplace of Steve Ganz Guitars

updated February, 2002

Welcome to my workshop webpage,

where I show you a bit

about how I transform wood into

musical instruments,

especially fine classical guitars.

Newer Guitars

Listen to an MP3.
It's only me playing through the computer mike.

Did you meet me at the GFA in La Jolla,CA 2001

Check out Acoustic Guitar's write-up on Steve Ganz Guitars

Brace Profiles.

Brace Shaving Tools.

Perhaps you'd like to visit some of my other pages.

Pics of some finished guitars.

Wrestling wood - Gracefully. (May'99)

Implements of construction.

Special People.

Links to a few select sites.

The old (really good) home pages.

Labels - the finishing touch.

Let's Make A Heel (graphics intensive!)***

More Information...

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