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 Updated 2/22/21

Hi Steve,
The guitar is so incredible. 
The tone is very balanced and full. Round. Definitely a negra. But of course the Brazilian has such a different sound than the Indian rosewood. And the cedar top is amazing. 
It does play like a dream. So easy and effortless to play. 
The projection is impressive also. 
Very balanced and loud. 

I'm really loving the full bass and defined trebles. Very warm. 
And certainly the crossover I was hoping for. So much more than a flamenca.  

I couldn't be happier. 
This is a magnificent instrument. 

Thank you so much Steve 🙏🏻
(Nolan February 2021)

Hey Steve.  Just finished spending some time with the beautiful Maple guitar I purchased from you many years ago.  It is my go-to guitar 80% of the time.  Also the easiest of my guitars to play (David Russell considers that his number one criteria for an instrument) and does everything amazingly well.  I can get pretty much any kind of tone out of it that I want and it has super separation.  Whenever I pick up any other of my guitars, aside perhaps from my Hauser Ė and thatís pretty refined company - they all seem boomy.  So I just thought I would let you know how fantastic it has turned out to be.  It is also strikingly beautiful.  I hope you are well and taking care re Covid. 

Best regards, Michael 
December 2020

Hi Steve,

It was great seeing you yesterday and I really enjoyed our chat.  Iím really tickled with my new guitar Ė it has such a warm, living sound and the basses and trebles are so perfectly matched.  It doesnít sound booming and over powering like I believe so many double-topped are alleged to be.  Itís perfect.  The trebles respond so well to vibrato and it lends itself so well to the Latin repertoire.  I dug out my Latin repertoire from years ago, TŠrrega, Barrios and Villa-Lobos and it sounded amazing.  Thank you for such wonderful craftsmanship.  Itís so obvious you really put your heart and soul into whatís no doubt a true calling.

All the best / Mike

September 2018

Hi Steve, weíre back and Iíve just been playing this (Torres FE5).  I think itís great and full of charm.  Playability is outstanding.  Lovely warm old world sound.
James Bishop-Edwards
June 2018
Hi Steve,

Just dropping a line to let you know Iím having a ball playing with my new pride and joy.  Itís sweet.  Thank you and please give yourself a pat on the back for your amazing talent in producing these works of art.  The resonance from the guitarís body reverberates back to my spine and forward again and makes the guitar feel like itís part of my body.  Iíve never had that sensation with any guitar before.  It really feels alive.  Excellent.

Iíve looked up images of box elder burl and it is really exquisite wood Ė you should use it all the time in my opinion.  The burl pattern is in perfect juxtaposition to your torch theme.

October, 2017

Hey Steve,

Ok....where to begin....
Luna!!! What a magnificent instrument.
Clear, Precise, Multilayered with beautiful easily controllable sustain.
Playability is honestly the best feel I've had on a classical guitar. Just the right amount of tension. (for me at least).
It's volume range is also spectacular. This guitar can be Very Loud, but also sweet and smoothly soft as well. What a range!!!
And it's looks..... Wow! What a STUNNING Guitar!
I can not be happier with it. Thank You Steve!!! For building a wonderful work of art for me and for everyone else as well.... Absolutely "Super Amazing" .

December 2015


I feel a need to express my gratitude and appreciation for your work and very approachable good nature. I cannot say enough about the guitars you built for me. Best of all, working with you has been fun.

Rondo will continue to amaze my for a long time. It has so much sonic potential. I have become addicted to playing it. I have learned that when I get so much out of a guitar, I tend to play better, and my technique is automatically improving.

Vivace is just as wonderful, with a totally different voice.

October 2013


I spent 2 hours with Viv this morningŗ°≠ without words. She totally opened up overnight. I noticed that there seemed to be a bit more distinction between notes, great sustain still, but with less interference than beforeŠĻĘe that is what you meant by more clear sound? Maybe the strings have something to do with itťī®er way, the neck shape is just right for me and that helps a lot. This is a gorgeous guitar in appearance, playability and especially sound. It is more than I had hoped for. I really could not find a single thing that is not 100% or more than what I wanted.

You are truly a gifted craftsman and luthier!

Many many thanks,


Steve. Wanted to let you know that today I received the guitar. And I am really glad I decided to get it. Even though the strings are still settling, the sound is clear, easy to play, action just right, and wonderful colors. The wood is impressive. Too beautiful to live. The pictures posted don't nearly make justice. You should be very proud of your guitars. Will cherish it always. Thanks. Carlos
Dear Steve,

     Lovin it.

       I cannot get enough of this guitar;
                 Thank you, Steve Botel
Steve. Happy to inform you that the guitar finally arrived. It came safe and sound. A very nice guitar and plays easily. If you don't mind sharing what strings come with the guitar. Brand and tension. Because of the trip the strings are still settling. I have been excited playing. Noticed the fret raised board. The duo tone of the cedar top adds personality. The Tell your son Micah he did a beautiful job with the rosette.  Will keep playing the guitar when it settles I will send you further comments. As of right now I am very impressed.
Thanks. Carlos
I restrung the guitar with some Dogal Diamante Regular. The guitar is playing exquisite

Beautiful guitars!...I really love SunDog and i really would like an 8-string version.....
Very versatile guitar it is ! i've been playing a lot of flamenco on it lately, but she plays any kind of Classical and Latin Jazz like a champ as well.
Strong fundamentals and quick attack! Extremely easy to play too........,Which is probably why i've been playing a lot of flamenco on it lately........LOL.

i've written some modern flamenco pieces that i want to record........

Talk soon,  Nacio De Falla 
Hi Steve, Just wanted to tell you that you did a nice job on my guitar . I am very satisfied with it. It plays real nice now. I thank you and wish you well.  Rich
 (Steve's note:  this was an adjustment of Rich's guitar)
Rich Rorex Guitar Studio
Hey Steve,  I love my new guitarra, I simply adore it!!! 
It turned out better then I ever imagined. 
Congratulations Steve, you are a very fine artist
Muchas gracias mi amigo,
Stanton.C.Jack, Guitarist (British Columbia)
I recently bought an 8 string guitar ("Ocho" ) which you built in December, 1997.  The resonance of the instrument is amazing!  It has a gorgeous tone and I am very pleased with it......

Thanks for building such a fine guitar.

Dave Lapinski
Jackson, Michigan
Hello Steven,

Read it from my lips, This is the best guitar I've ever had in my hands.

Now after 2 days of quite intensive playing (I was "sick" on the job today in favor of practising, ahum) it has started to sing, to swing somehow. I've never owned a guitar with such a delicate sound which sometimes seems to play by itself. I'm looking so forward to being instructed regularly again - that will be a great jump forward again (years too late, but there are still 60 to come).

Best regards,
Torben (Germany)
Hi Steve,

The guitar looks amazing, I love all the little touches, awesome purfling and rosette, the curves are very beautiful, unlike any other cutaway guitar I've seen. really great job in putting all the colors together, it has a peaceful yet strong vibe befitting of a Capricorn. It sounds really good. very much like the Batuque, which is exactly what i wanted, except not as loud, but i guess that's expected with the cutaway. it sounds really natural in the higher positions, which is really important to me. it's easy and fun to play, thanks for the two saddles! I will be experimenting with both. the setup is great, very easy to play, the shape of the neck is awesome, love the flattened out heel, and the string spacing is great! I appreciate your expertise with the spacing, since i was pretty much guessing in terms of what i wanted. you nailed it. an hour into it, I'm already discovering great new voicings with the new string. ...
Bart Migal (New York)
I have recently purchased one of your classical guitars from Marty at world concert guitars.  After shopping around all over the new york area, your guitar was a clear winner - i can't put it down.  I will be giving the guitar to my father for christmas, and i'm sure it will be the best guitar he has ever played, let alone owned.  i am also shopping for a 7 string classical guitar for me.  i'm wondering if you make 7 string guitars, and if so, what one of similar construction and wood (but with a cutaway) would cost, and how long the wait would be.

Bart Migal


Thanks for the great guitar.  The time you put into the rosette, the French Polish  finish and the entire instrument was evident as soon as I pulled it out from the case.  Everyone who has seen and heard it thinks it looks and sounds great.  The highs are crisp the way I wanted them to sound when we first discussed the project.  What was surprising however, was how rich the bass sounded when I first plucked that low Ôćä string.  The guitar sounds well balanced across all the strings.  Nice and clear.  It also projects quite nicely.  No need to play hard in order to   produce sound and an overall beautiful tone.  ...

Thanks again for a great guitar.  I will have many years of pleasure playing this instrument.

Regards, Rich Perrotta  (left hander)

I have to tell you that the "Prť¨Ķde" did amazingly well at the
concert. The player still need to improve in order to give this guitar
the caliber of playing it deserves. It was a much appreciated concert. ... Hanh played
like an Angel, The duo part was excellent and my opening act was good.
The prelude in this intimate atmosphere showed its best side, clarity,
balance, great intonation (I did not tune once not even when we played
in duo!)and an excellent coloratura! When I think that all this is
already hearable, in place, after only 3 months!!!
Alain Reiher, Guitarist and Composer (British Columbia)
Dear Steve,
Thank you for the guitar. It is one of my favorites to play. I especially like
the head stock, the rosette, as well as the sound. I think that at this price,
it has to be the best buy around.

The trembles are clear and focused. They have a sweet singing quality that,
though not loud, project extremely well even in medium to larger concert halls.
This I verified with my students in the concert hall at Florida International
University who all commented how clear the guitar sounds.

Balance on the inner strings are even and smooth, exposing with ease intervals
often played, but seldom heard.
The basses are dark in color, well suited for contrapuntal works, or they can 
be pushed to a growl when needed.

Steve, again thank you for this guitar.

Eric Swanson (Florida)

I'm doing good.  Next year, I will try guitar competition in Japan.
I don't check e-mail so often nowadays, however I can send you a message sometimes.
the guitar i bought from you is good.
I can make a big sound now. it's getting better and better.
I like it.

Takayosh Sakai, guitarist, second prize winner, Northwest Guitar Festival (Japan)

Everybody loves Mani! (I, the first!) It's amazing the way it is opening up, kind of blossoming, like a flower. 

I love the guitar.  You are a great luthier.

Huayna Jimenez, 11 string guitarist composer (Dominican Republic)

3/18/2003:  Hi Steve,  The guitar just arrived. Only one word to describe it: awesome. I mean two words: awesome and beauuutiful. Great sound just like you described it once: "velvet". The blackwood is just gorgeous. And the bass? Rich like pure velvet. Thank you Steve for a wonderful and painstaking work. You're a wonderful luthier.


3/25/2003: Last night I got together with a professional guitarist, Roger Bustamante . He loved the guitar a lot. He himself actually owns a Casa Montalvo 7 string that simply doesn't compare to "velveteen". He said that himself. He also said that you did a really fine job and that he's happy for me for getting that deal (which has to do with your pricing too).


I was really impressed working with Steve as he built a custom left-handed guitar for me. It was a long-distance, e-mail relationship since I live in Alaska. He was very willing to work with my ideas for a guitar and flexible with my choices as we went through the process. He also gave me great advice and steered me back on course when I had a few ideas that could have been disastrous. I can't imagine that the guitar could have come out better. Steve chose beautiful pieces of wood and fit them together so that the various woods and grain patterns make a complete composition rather than just a guitar. The playability of the guitar is excellent. Steve paid considerable attention to the exact details of fret position and intonation, so that tuning is a breeze and playing in various high and low positions does not make the guitar sound out of tune. Sounds simple enough but very hard to accomplish. The tone of my guitar is wonderful even when brand new. It has a rich, mellow and yet very clear and strong quality with a full range of expression. Steve
calls it smooth. He seems to have come up with just the sound that I was imagining when we started the project. The sustaining quality of notes is amazing. I find myself having to pay more attention to ending notes on time.  I am also playing things slower and with more care, just to hear the sound.  The simple act of picking up his guitar has made me a better guitarist.
Mark Anderson (Alaska)

My new 8 string (made by Steve Ganz) is the best guitar I have ever played.  I love it. .... I have 11 very nice classical guitars and Ocho is one of my good ones.  The extra strings are just perfect for me. The whole instrument just vibrates! Wonderful sound - like an organ. Steve is great builder and has the passion for guitar building like no other.

Steve Jones (California)

Steve Ganz